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Black Jack Logan: An Extraordinary Life in Peace and War ... Black Jack Logan: An Extraordinary Life in Peace and War ... His name is John Alexander Logan, known in his time as Black Jack Logan, and this, finally, ... John A. Logan and the Personal Side of the Civil War- IHT 14 ... JOHN ALEXANDER LOGAN: DEMOCRAT, ... They affectionately referred to him as "Black Jack." At the battle of Atlanta, Logan capably directed the ... John A. Logan and ...

Gary L Ecelbarger. He was a dominant player in the politics of the Gilded Age, a three-term senator who was as popular as he was partisan. He was the vice-presidential candidate in the losing race in 1884. Had he not died unexpectedly at the age of sixty, he likely would have become president in 1888.

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John Alexander is an actor specialized in suitmation characters, specially for Rick Baker. He played Mikey in Men in Black in 1997 and Jarra in Men in Black 2. Men in Black (film) as Mikey. Men in Black II as Jarra. John Alexander on IMDB. Categories: Actors. John A. Logan - WikiVisually

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His son, John Alexander Logan, Jr., ... "The town's name comes from Alexander "Black Jack" Logan, an American General and founder of Memorial Day."